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Introducing MY RIGHTS, a fragrance created by yours truly in collaboration with the incredible team at Scentcraft. This has been my personal journey to bring freedom to all that live in America and I am beyond excited to share what my rights smells like and with Scentcraft, that dream becomes a reality. Scentcraft offers a "love it or it's free" guarantee. That's right, no questions asked, we have your satisfaction as our top priority.


Now, I know you may be wondering how much such an exceptional fragrance would cost. Trust me, it would normally sell for several hundred dollars. However, thanks to our partnership, we are able to offer you an unimaginable starting price of only $39 for the Discover Kit (5ML). Because the ultimate luxury lies in self-expression, why settle for anything less?


So, what are you waiting for? Click the link in my bio ( and let the magic unfold. Use code 15OFFOVER50 for an exclusive 15% discount on orders over $50!


The power is in your hands. Let's embark on this fragrant adventure together! #MYRIGHTS #ScentcraftCollab #CreateYourScent #LuxuryFragrance #TailorMade #CustomPerfume #UnleashYourStyle


  • $59.00

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